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Authorize New Google API

Last Updated: May 11, 2015 09:19AM MDT


The Google API that the SIFWorks Directory Manager (SDM) Agent previously used is being deprecated by google. The API will become unusable in April. To avoid accounts from failing to be created in google you will want to make sure that you update to the latest version of SDM and Authorize the SDM agent using the new API.

Upgrade SDM

Before you will be able to authorize SDM to use the new Google API you will need to make sure you are running SDM version

If you have any questions on how to upgrade your SDM agent please refer to the Upgrading the SDM Agent guide.

Authorizing the SDM Agent

To authorize the SDM agent you will need to open the SDM Management Console. 

  • Click on File >> Agent Settings... 
  • Expand out the Plugins tree followed by Expanding out the GoogleApps plugin
    *Note* if you do not see the GoogleApps plugin or see an error stating that the plugin is out of date.   Please refer to the portion of the Upgrading the SDM Agent guide that talks about installing the Cloud Connect plugins
  • Click on Student settings.
You should be able to see the following page. 

From here you will want to make sure that both of the Enabled Checkboxes are checked.

Make sure the Target Url shows your google apps domain.
If it does not click on the pencil and paper icon.

  • Enter your domain in the input box at the top 
  • Click on Add Literal Text
  • Click Ok to save your domain.
Once your Domain is showing up in the Target Url.
  • Click Authorize
  • Sign into Google using an account who is a member of the Super Admin role 
  • Click Accept

If you look back at the settings window there will be a success message that will be displayed above the Authorize button.

Once you are Authorized you will want to repeat the steps above for Staff and Employee settings if you are using SDM to create their accounts as well.  

Troubleshooting the Authorization process

If you receive a "System.Net" error in the console after clicking 'Authorize', you will likely need to patch your .Net framework.  You can download the update here:
After patching the .Net framework, exit and restart the Management Console prior to clicking 'Authorize' again.

If your server running the SDM agent has IE7, you will not be able to complete the 'Authorization' process.  The web page opened when you click 'Authorize' will not allow you to accept the changes (the buttons on the page are inactive). The solution here is to upgrade IE if possible, or copy the URL from IE7 in to a more modern browser, ie. Chrome or Firefox and complete the process.

If you receive an Access to path is denied error you will need to close the management console and run it again with Administrative privileges.
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