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The Destiny SIF Agent and the StudentPicture SIF object

Last Updated: May 28, 2014 01:01PM MDT
This is a basic description of how the Destiny SIF agent populates Patron pictures using the StudentPicture object.  

If the Destiny web application is installed on a different machine, the process is the same, but there are additional steps for configuring the agent and agent Windows service.  That information can be found in the Destiny SIF Agent User's Guide (Section 4: Advanced Configuration for StudentPicture Data Flow)

The StudentPicture object process:

  1. The first requirement to enabling StudentPicture data flow to the Destiny SIF agent is having a provider of the StudentPicture data object registered in the SIF Zone.
  2. If there is a provider of the StudentPicture object in the SIF Zone, the next step is to synchronize the Destiny SIF Agent with that object provider.  Basic synchronization steps are detailed in the Destiny SIF Agent User's Guide (Section 3: Basic Configuration)
  3. The Destiny agent requests the StudentPicture object during the synchronization process when it detects a provider of the StudentPicture data object in the SIF Zone.  If there is no provider in the SIF Zone, the StudentPicture object is not requested.
  4. The provider of the StudentPicture object returns StudentPicture records during a synchronization, the StudentPicture object includes a URL to the picture file for each record.  This URL must be valid and the file referenced must be accessible by the machine running the Destiny SIF Agent.
  5. As those StudentPicture objects are received and processed, the agent performs a few steps:

    a)  Creates a directory within the SIF agent installation directory called 'pictures'
    b)  Copies the picture from the URL received in the StudentPicture object to the 'pictures' directory in the Destiny SIF agent installation directory.  The picture files in this directory are named with the StudentPersonal RefId associated with the student.
  6. At the completion of the synchronization, records are placed into the SIFEventsQueue for the Destiny application to process. These records now provide destiny with a path to the file in the agents 'pictures' directory.
  7. The destiny application processes the records from the SIFEventsQueue and updates the student picture in the application.  The picture is associated with a patron and stored within the application.

After the initial synchronization, changes to the StudentPicture object are processed via SIF. The file in the 'pictures' directory is updated for a particular student, and passed on to the Destiny application where it is then updated and visible in the app.
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