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List of Destiny fields that can be set by the SIF Agent

Last Updated: Aug 07, 2014 03:48PM MDT

The following table lists the Destiny patron fields that can be set via the SIF Agent. The first column lists the field name as it appears in Destiny. The second columns list the field name as it appears in the agent, and the third column shows the corresponding SIF Data Object element to which the field is mapped (defaults for SIF 2.0r1 and greater). Note these mappings are configurable and can be changed as needed to match how the student information system SIF Agent publishes elements. Elements that are 'Not Mapped' by default can be added to the configuration file to populate the field in Destiny.

Patron Fields

Destiny Field Agent Field Default SIF Element (SIF 2.0r1 and greater)
Barcode BARCODE StudentPersonal/LocalId
Birth Date BIRTHDATE StudentPersonal/Demographics/BirthDate
Email 1 EMAIL_1 StudentPersonal/EmailList/Email[@Type='Primary']
Email2 EMAIL_2 StudentPersonal/EmailList/Email[@Type='Alternate1']
Gender GENDER StudentPersonal/Demographics/Gender
Grade GRADE StudentSchoolEnrollment/GradeLevel
GRADUATION_YEAR GRADUATION_YEAR StudentPersonal/ProjectedGraduationYear
HOMEROOM HOMEROOM StudentSchoolEnrollment/Homeroom[@SIF_RefObject='RoomInfo']
First Name NAME_FIRST StudentPersonal/Name[@Type='04']/FirstName
Last Name NAME_LAST StudentPersonal/Name[@Type='04']/LastName
Middle Name NAME_MIDDLE StudentPersonal/Name[@Type='04']/MiddleName
Nickname NICKNAME StudentPersonal/OtherNames/Name[@Type='03']/FirstName
Signed Acceptable Use Policy POLICY_ON_FILE Not Mapped
Primary Address 1 PRIMARY_ADDR1 StudentPersonal/AddressList/Address[@Type='0123']/Street/Line1
Primary Address 2 PRIMARY_ADDR2 StudentPersonal/AddressList/Address[@Type='0123']/Street/Line2
Primary City PRIMARY_CITY StudentPersonal/AddressList/Address[@Type='0123']/City
Primary State PRIMARY_STATE StudentPersonal/AddressList/Address[@Type='0123']/StateProvince
Primary ZIP Code PRIMARY_ZIPCODE StudentPersonal/AddressList/Address[@Type='0123']/PostalCode
Primary Phone 1 PRIMARY_PHONE1 StudentPersonal/PhoneNumberList/PhoneNumber[@Type='0096']/Number
Primary Phone 2 PRIMARY_PHONE2 StudentPersonal/PhoneNumberList/PhoneNumber[@Type='0370']/Number
Secondary Address 1 SECONDARY_ADDR1 StudentPersonal/AddressList/Address[@Type='0765']/Street/Line1
Secondary Address 2 SECONDARY_ADDR2 StudentPersonal/AddressList/Address[@Type='0765']/Street/Line2
Secondary City SECONDARY_CITY StudentPersonal/AddressList/Address[@Type='0765']/City
Secondary State SECONDARY_STATE StudentPersonal/AddressList/Address[@Type='0765']/StateProvince
Secondary ZIP Code SECONDARY_ZIPCODE StudentPersonal/AddressList/Address[@Type='0765']/PostalCode
Secondary Phone 1 SECONDARY_PHONE1 StudentPersonal/PhoneNumberList/PhoneNumber[@Type='0350']/Number
Secondary Phone 2 SECONDARY_PHONE2 StudentPersonal/PhoneNumberList/PhoneNumber[@Type='0448']/Number
Active/Inactive Status STATUS Calculated by agent using StudentSchoolEnrollment Entry/Exit Dates
Username USERNAME Not Mapped
Password PASSWORD Not Mapped
User 1 USER1 Not Mapped
User 2 USER2 Not Mapped
User 3 USER3 Not Mapped
User 4 USER4 Not Mapped
User 5 USER5 Not Mapped

Fields for classes/sections

For more information on Destiny and Textbook Manager, see this support article:  SIF and Destiny Textbook Manager

Destiny Field Agent Field Default SIF Element (SIF 2.0r1 and greater)
StartDate StartDate TermInfo/StartDate
EndDate EndDate TermInfo/EndDate
ClassName ClassName SchoolCourseInfo/CourseTitle
CatalogDesignation CatalogDesignation SchoolCourseInfo/concat(CourseCode,'-',$(__SCHOOL_NUM))
SubjectArea SubjectArea SchoolCourseInfo/SubjectAreaList/SubjectArea/OtherCodeList/
SectionIdentifier SectionIdentifier SectionInfo/LocalId
seconds ago
a minute ago
minutes ago
an hour ago
hours ago
a day ago
days ago
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