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Destiny 3.0.2 Release Notes

Last Updated: Aug 13, 2014 09:57AM MDT

Destiny SIF Agent 3.0.2 Release Notes

This document highlights the main changes/fixes in the Destiny 3.0.2 SIF agent release.

Many improvements for Districts using the Destiny SIF agent to synchronize data with the Destiny Textbook manager:

  • Class data returned is limited to the current school year
  • Class/Section numbers are mapped by default, instead of prepending 'SIF' to the classes
  • Future enrollments in classes outside the current term (but within the current school year) are processed immediately

Improvements to the Destiny SIF Agent installer:

  • The Java VM necessary for the Destiny SIF agent is now packaged and installed by the installer.  The agent will utilize this version of Java to operate, not relying on a system version of java which can have the path altered or removed causing the agent to fail to operate.

Processing of Future Enrollments:

  • In the past, the Destiny SIF Agent would not enroll students in Destiny (classes or library) until their entry date became active.  In version 3.0.2 the Destiny agent will enroll all students on the date the enrollment is received from the providing agent, regardless of entry date.  
  • Future exit dates continue to be processed on the effective date of the exit from the school/class.

Continue a synchronization when a bad record is received:

  • If a record in a SIF packet can not be mapped, or otherwise has an error preventing only that single record to be processed, the Destiny SIF Agent will allow you to continue the synchronization and process the valid records.  The offending records will be logged to the Sync Report and the Sync Wizard will notify you of the location and provide an option to continue or halt the synchronization.
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