Each year at the end of the school year there are a few maintenance items that need to be taken care of to ensure that you have a smooth New Year Rollover (NYR) transition.

By following the steps outlined in this document you will not add unnecessary network traffic while school is out of session, and will be able to have your SIFWorks Directory Manager (SDM) Agent ready for the first day of school for your students. 

End of Current School Year Process

As soon as you have finished your last day of school you will want to follow the steps found in this section.

​Disable All SIF Zones

  • Highlight the SIF Zone
  • Click Zone >> Zone Settings...
  • Click General on the left. 
  • Uncheck "Enable SIF Connectivity with this zone"
  • Click OK

Start of Next School Year Process

After all of your students have been promoted to the next grade and your SIS SIF agent is up and running for the new school year, you will be able to re-enable the SDM Agent.

Clear All Events From Event Viewer

  These next steps will need to happen for the Inbound Queue, Outbound Queue and Retry Queue found in the Event Queue Viewer.

  • Click Tools >> Event Viewer
  • Select the queue that you would like to remove all events from
  • Select the first event >> Scroll to the last event >> While Holding shift, Select the last event
  • Click Remove
  • Click Yes to confirm your action
  • Click Close after all events have been removed

Change School Year to next School year

  • Click File >> Agent Settings...
  • Click  School Year on the left
  • Set the School Year Drop down to the correct school year you will be entering
  • Set the Starts month drop down >> Type the day in the input box
  • Set the Ends month drop down >> Type the day in the input box
  • Click Ok

Allow students to be created in AD regardless of their start Date

  It is recommended to allow future students to be created as soon as they are added. To enable this option:

  • Click File >> Agent Settings...
  • Click  Admin on the left >> Select Future Events tab at the top 
  • Uncheck the checkbox that states "Delay SifFutureEventsQueue records until their effective date become current."
  • Click Ok

Enable All SIF Zones

  • Highlight the SIF Zone
  • Click Zone >> Zone Settings...
  • Click General on the left. 
  • Check "Enable SIF Connectivity with this zone"
  • Click OK

Restart Agent After NYR Changes Are Made

  After all of the NYR Changes have been made in the agent it is important that you restart your agent. This will commit your changes and will cause the Agent to read from the new configuration file. 
  • Click >> File >> Shutdown Agent
  • Click Start >> Run...
  • Type services.msc >> Click OK
  • Locate Data Solutions SIFWorks Directory Manager
  • Right click on the service >> Select Start
  • Locate the console in the system tray >> Click on the icon
  • Click Connect

Synchronize the SDM Database With the Student Information System

  • Click Tools >> Synchronize
  • Follow the synchronization wizard
  • *Important* It is very important that you take your time on step 5 of 6. Making sure to match up all students that the SDM Agent was not able to match up. If this step is overlooked the SDM Agent will treat a student that should have been matched as a new student causing there to be duplicates.
Once the Sync Wizard has been completed the agent will convert the information that it received during the sync into events to update the records in your database. The Agent will need to process all of the events for the synchronization to be complete.

Complete New Year Rollover Guide (PDF)


Synchronization is stalled on step 3

If your Synchronization is stalled on step 3 this is not usually an issue with the SDM Agent. The agent has sent a request out to your ZIS addressed to your Student Information System. There is something blocking this message from being processed correctly. To correct this issue check for messages that are stuck in your ZIS. If there are messages stuck in your ZIS, clear those messages or work with your ZIS vendor to figure out why there are messages stuck in the queue. 


Error while Analyzing records

If you encounter the following error while analyzing the records during a sync have duplicate primaryKeys in your database. 

Error message:

An error was encountered analyzing the records. Please click on Agent Settings, navigate to the Directory Template settings, and ensure the District Container for Schools exists in your Active Directory Server before continuing.

System.ArgumentException: An item with the same key has been already added.

If you see the following error you can open up SQL Management Studio and run the following query to remove all of the RefIds from the SIFRefids. Because we are going to be syncing anyway it is not very important that we keep the data in the SIFREFIDS table

  • Open SQL Management studio
  • Connect to your database instance that your SDM agent is using.
  • Click on the New Query button next to the save all button.
  • Select DirectoryAgent in the dropdown just under the New Query button. 
  • Type the following in the white input section of the SQL Management Studio application. 
  • Delete from SIFRefids and click the Red ! that says execute.
This will delete all of your refids out of the Database. 

*Important* make sure that you cancel the sync that is in session and start a new sync so that you can repopulate the SIFRefids table correctly. 

If you do not feel comfortable doing this please email us at the email address mentioned below. 

Event processing is disabled

If the event processing is disabled. The SDM Agent is having an issue creating a user or setting configured options on a user account in Active Directory. Because there are many reasons for the event processing to be disabled, please email support@kimonocloud.com for help troubleshooting this issue.