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Migrating to a new machine (Destiny SIF)

Last Updated: Jun 10, 2014 06:09PM MDT

In the event that your Destiny and or SIF environment undergoes changes and requires that the Destiny SIF Agent be moved/re-installed to a new machine, the below tips will guide you through the process.

The most critical piece in a successful Destiny SIF Agent migration is the agent.cfg file from the old agent machine. If this file is no longer available, the zones and any configuration changes made for your implementation will need to be re-created.

  1. Download the current agent installer
  2. Run the agent installer on the new machine (this will install the windows service, shortcuts, etc)
  3. After verifying that the new agent starts successfully, shut it down (Stops the Windows Service named 'Destiny SIF Agent')
  4. Rename the default agent.cfg file laid down by the installer on the new machine at the root of the Destiny SIF agent installation directory. Suggestion agent_default.cfg
  5. Copy the agent.cfg from the old machine to the new machine. Place in the new agents installation directory.
  6. Start the Windows service ('Destiny SIF Agent'), connect the console for the new agent
  7. Verify that all zones have connected successfully.


If zones are not re-connected successfully, you may see the following conditions in the console:

SIF Database Unavailable: from the console, click File > Agent Settings. Select Database from the left menu. Adjust the settings for the new machine as necessary. If needed, the file from the Destiny application contains many of the connection parameters and can be found on your Destiny application machine at: FSC_Destiny\fsc\bin\

Zone Disconnected: The new agent installation can not access the ZIS URL for the zone using the old cfg file. From the agent console, highlight the disconnected zone, click Zone > Zone Settings. Select 'General' from the left menu. Click change beneath the Zone Integration Server URL. Edit the URL so that it is accessible from the new machine (ie, replace localhost with the ZIS IP address if the Destiny agent is no longer installed on the machine that is running the ZIS).

If everything re-connects, and after a synchronization the synchronization tasks are not processed, please see this support article.
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