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How to update your Destiny SIF Agent

Last Updated: Jun 09, 2015 01:17PM MDT

Download the newest version of the Destiny Agent

Log in to the Kimono website with your email address and password

Download the Current version of the Destiny SIF Agent

  1. Click 'Products'
  2. Click the download icon beneath the Installers to download the current version of theSIF Agent for Follett Destiny

Sometimes the .exe extension will be removed from the installer during the download process. Verify that the installer that was downloaded has the .exe extension before trying to run the installer. Right-click the file > Choose Properties. Beneath attributes, click 'Unblock' if present, add the .exe file extension to the file name.

Shutdown and backup your current installation

Log in to the machine running your Destiny SIF agent

Shutdown the Agent and exit the console

  1. Double click the Destiny SIF agent console in the system tray
  2. Click Connect
  3. Select File > 'Shutdown Agent' from the agent console
  4. After the agent closes, right-click the console icon in the system tray
  5. Click Exit Console

Backup your existing Destiny agent installation prior to upgrading

  1. Click start >> Run...
  2. Type services.msc >> Select OK
  3. locate the "Destiny SIF Agent" service >> Right Click on the service >> Select Properties
  4. The Destiny SIF Agent installation directory can be found under the Path to executable: section 
  5. Navigate to the installation directory (the directory that contains the executable in the Path mentioned above)
  6. Right Click on the installation directory >> Navigate to Send to >> select Compressed (zipped) folder.
  7. Move this back up to a safe place.

Run the installer over the top of your current Destiny agent. 

To update your Destiny SIF Agent all you will need to do now is run the installation file that was previously downloaded. 

You want to make sure that when you choose the installation directory that you install directly over the old installation. 

Verify that the agent was updated correctly

Verify that the Destiny SIF Agent service has started after the installation. 

  1. Click Start >> Run...
  2. Type services.msc >> Select OK
  3. locate the "Destiny SIF Agent" service >> Select the service and verify that the status says started.

Open the Destiny SIF agent console to verify that all zones are connected properly.

  1. Navigate to the Destiny SIF Agent installation directory that was previously determined.
  2. Locate the DestinySIFAgentConsole.exe >> Double click on this executable to open the management console in the system tray.
  3. Double click on the icon in the system tray >> Click Connect. 

You should be able to see your zones in the management console and they should be connected up properly
Look at the title of the management console to verify the installation version. 



I do not see any zones in my management console.

Go to your services and check the 'Path to executable' section of your Destiny SIF Agent service. Verify that the installation was correctly installed over the top of your old agent.


If you noticed that you have made a mistake re run the installation and select the correct path. You should delete the previous installation to avoid future confusion.
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